ShadowLight Bauble

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ShadowLight Baubles are currently our most popular product. We take your photos and use cutting edge 3D printing technology to create beautiful lithophane images on baubles that are lit from within - the result is a stunning and distinctive image created through lights and shadows.  

When turned off, the baubles are white and opaque. A simple twist top turns the bauble on and lights up the photo, bringing shining memories to your Christmas tree. 


Our ShadowLight Baubles are made from biodegradable PLA filament. They are extremely durable (well tested by our toddlers!) and portable. Each bauble measures 80mm high and 70mm in diameter. As the baubles are battery operated, we recommend not keeping them on 24/7, in order to conserve battery life. The cell batteries that we use for the Baubles have a limited life of around 15-25 hours. Spare batteries are recommended and can be ordered through the website or at a range of battery stores (each bauble uses 3 1.5V cell batteries).  

Please note that our ShadowLight Baubles are decorations, not toys. As the baubles contain small parts (batteries and bauble lid), they are not suitable for young children.